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The school is aimed at early-career scientists, graduate (master and PhD) students or young Postdocs, preferably with no more than two years of experience in the very high-energy astronomy field. To ensure a fulfilling, interactive educational experience, both in theoretical and hands-on sessions, the school will accept a maximum of 25 participants.


As part of the selection process, applicants will be asked to submit a one-page statement about the research work they have carried out so far. A one-page reference letter from advisors or supervisors will also be requested to be sent via email to


The fee for the two-week school is 900 euros, which covers accommodation, meals, coffee breaks and local transportation at both sites, as well as the plane ticket from Bologna (Italy) to La Palma (Spain). Flights from or to the students' countries (to Italy and from Spain) are not covered and must be booked separately by participants. To ensure compliance with the schedule, students must take into account when booking these flights that they have to arrive at Bologna train station before 5:30 p.m. on Sunday, June 16, 2024.

If your application is accepted, to complete the registration, you must pay the fee before April 30, 2024. You will receive an email with the corresponding payment instructions. Visit the Important Dates page for more information.

Fee-waiver Programme

The CTAO is dedicated to fostering inclusion and providing equal opportunities. In alignment with this commitment, the CTAO will open fellowships aimed at covering the fees for participants from resource-limited groups. Selection criteria will be based on scientific merit, evaluated through the one-page cover letter, and a demonstration of the group's financial need. Waivers will be assessed by members of the SOC and LOC teams.


To apply for the fee waiver, please include any pertinent information or document in the "Justification" field of the Application form. Participants will be notified of the fee-waiver programme resolution via email , along with the outcome of their application.  

Application form (applications are closed now)

Upload Cover Letter (Max. 15 MB)

Cover Letter (one-page statement

about your work. PDF format only) *

Upload Justification PDF (Max. 15 MB)

IMPORTANT! The application will be considered valid only after sending this form and receiving the reference letter from the supervisor. To do so, supervisors must send a one-page reference letter before the application deadline (see Important Dates) via email to with the following subject: "NAME SURNAME OF THE STUDENT + Reference Letter".

After the application and review process, applicants will receive an email with the resolution. If you are accepted to attend the school, you will be required to pay the fee through a bank transfer before the deadline specified on the Important Dates page. Billing information will be requested during that period.

By submitting the application, participants confirm that they do not have any medical condition incompatible with working at altitudes above 2,000 m. In case of other, minor health issues (controlled and controllable), participants are encouraged to inform the organizers if they are selected to participate in the school.

Thanks for you submission!

You will receive a confirmation email.

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