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Scientific Board

The Scientific Board, responsible for the programme definition, is composed of experts in the field with a diverse expertise and background (in alphabetical order):

Fabio Acero - CNRS/IAC

Jonathan Biteau - Paris-Saclay University

Patrizia Caraveo - INAF

Juan Cortina - CIEMAT/IAC (Co-Chair)

Elisabete M. de Gouveia Dal Pino - University of São Paulo

Emma de Ona Wilhelmi - DESY

David Green - MPP

Jamie Holder - University of Delaware

Daniel Mazin - ICRR

Lars Mohrmann - MPIK

Abelardo Moralejo Olaizola - IFAE

Cristian Vignali - University of Bologna

Gabrijela Zaharijas - University of Nova Gorica

Roberta Zanin – CTAO (Chair)

Local Organizing Committee (LOC)

The organization of on-site activities is carried out by (in alphabetical order):

Bertinoro (Italy)

Tiziana Abegg - CTAO

Michelangelo Bottura - CTAO

Andrea Bulgarelli - INAF

Vito Conforti - INAF

Paolo Da Vela - INAF

Alba Fernández-Barral - CTAO

Stefano Marchesi - INAF (Chair)

Eleonora Torresi - INAF


La Palma (Spain)

Paolo Calisse - CTAO

Pilar Coca Llano - CIEMAT

Juan Cortina - CIEMAT

Alice Donini - INAF

Alba Fernández-Barral - CTAO

Patricia Márquez - IFAE

Daniel Mazin - ICRR

Mireia Nievas - IAC (Chair)

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The CTAO School is organized by the CTAO gGmbH in cooperation with the LST Collaboration.

The first week of the school in Bertinoro is funded by the Cherenkov Telescope Array Plus project (IR0000012; CUP C53C22000430006)

within the Italian Resilience and Recovery Plan (PNRR), as an activity led by the University of Bologna.

The second week is supported by funds from the Spanish Ministry for Science and Innovation and the Japanese Institute for Cosmic

Ray Research.

Organized by

Funded and supported by 




With the collaboration of

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